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The new episode

i wish to make commentary on the last segment with the bastard shaft...

it was WIN....why? I saw this episodde months ago on youtube whren they still had the japanese subtitle segments...i remember when it was still "ACTION BEAM!! BURUBURU!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

though,. i am dissapointed, they took out a segment...there is like...10 seconnds or something you don't see....there is also a segment you do not see where shin slams the massager on hiro's back and hiro is all "OW! not like that!!! like THIS!" and shin is all "OOO! OK LET ME TRY!"Hiro says something like "use the massager on my back! it'll be fun!!" so shin is all "wow! OK!" and then seconds later " -_- "

there is also a segment where Hiroyoshi places the massager on shins head...we don't see that....he places the massager on shins head and shin enjoys it...

i am mad they took out segments...and wondering WHY they did that!!! THOSE MISSING SEGMENTS WERE HILARIOUS! they could have kept the segments and just deleterd 2 commercials! ARGH!

the episode was still funny though
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