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A place for Shin Chan Fans!
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Welcome to the community!
Here is a community all about the show Shin-Chan! The show just begun to show on AdultSwim. x3 Please post Graphics, News, & anything related to the show somehow. Any questions, just ask me! ^-^ Since this community has only begun, the rules might change in time.
teh rules
Use Lj-Cuts - - -
Use it when posting any pictures larger than 200x200. If you make icon posts or any other graphics, please use the lj-cut & leave a teaser if you like. Use Lj-cuts if you believe what you are about to post is a *Spoiler*

Respect - - -
No fighting, no flame-wars, nor bashing of the show, respect others, & respect me the mod. :))
Any type of disrespect will leave me no choice but to ban or delete or both. Discussions are okay, but understand the difference between discussing & arguing.

Unrelated topics - - -
Shall be deleted. :)) Use common sense folks! :D If you would like to promote please speak to me first.

Fun! - - -
Have fun!!

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community was made on August 22, 2006!
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