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Shin Chan Fanfics? [24 Apr 2010|09:37am]

Hey guys,

I've searched all the bigger fanfic-websites I know, but there's hardly fics about Shin Chan.
How come? Do I search in the wrong places or is the fandom so tiny that noone wants to write smth?
I'm currently re-watching the series and was so excited to read some Shin/Cosmo fics (lol, dun ask!) and... there's nuthin' >.<'
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5 FO banners [28 Mar 2010|04:41pm]

FOs featuring Crayon Shin Chan (aka Shin Chan) and friends..this is a tribute to the mangaka himself,Yoshito Usui (1958-2009).RIP,Yoshito-san.

[1] Shin Chan
[1] Kazama & Shin Chan
[1] Shin Chan & Bo
[1] Shin Chan & Nini
[1] Shin Chan & Masao

this way...
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R.I.P Yoshito Usui [23 Sep 2009|07:24pm]

It has been a sad event for shin-chan fans everywhere.



Sept. 21 (Bloomberg) -- A famous Japanese animation artist, best known for the cartoon series “Crayon Shin-chan,” was found dead after going missing while walking in the mountains, the Yomiuri newspaper said today, citing local police.

Yoshito Usui, 51, went missing on Sept. 11 after telling his family he was planning to climb a mountain in Gunnma prefecture, north of Tokyo, the Yomiuri said in its report. Usui may have fallen from a cliff after being found with wounds to his chest, the Yomiuri report said.

The cartoonist became popular in the 1990s with Crayon Shin-chan, a comedy that features a five-year-old boy’s life with his family and friends at a kindergarten.

The series has sold about 50 million comic books since 1990 and was made into an animation film in 1992, the newspaper said."


Poster made by me.

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news? [22 Apr 2009|05:51pm]

is there any new shin news to report? i know there is a new box set out i have yet to get...how about episodes? hmmmmm
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[23 Jan 2009|08:42pm]



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what do you think? [11 Nov 2008|03:32am]

Doing a Shin-Chan AMV to "Kyle's mom is a big fat bitch"....some how i could picture it working...
anyone want totake it on and do it?

also..anyone have shin fan art? :3

i like this community and want us to be more active...

or shin icons? if someone can point me in the direction of some high quality Shiro/whitey pics i can make some loldog icons

also came across this

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Shin @ 2:30 EST [07 Nov 2008|02:49pm]


Adult Swim Increases Anime Programming

Starting on November 8th the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim is revising its schedule once again with a 5-hour anime block that begins at 1am (ET, PT).  In a major format change, the Adult Swim Saturday night schedule will not involve repeating shows broadcast earlier the same night.  The Saturday night Adult Swim schedule begins with two hours of its original English language programming, which is followed by ten anime series including Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit and Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2, both of which had been banished to the “Milkman” hour of 5am (see “Adult Swim Cuts Back on Anime”) and Shin Chan, which had been dropped off the schedule entirely.


The anime portion of the new Adult Swim schedule begins with Bleach at 1am followed by Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit (1:30am), Code Geass (2am), and Shin Chan (2:30am).  Then comes a parade of the Adult Swim's greatest anime hits--most of which will start with their first episodes—Fooly Cooly (FLCL, 3am), Death Note (3:30am), Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (4am), Cowboy Bebop (4:30am), Big O (5am), and Inuyasha (5:30am).


The new Adult Swim schedule represents an increase in the number of hours of anime programming from 6 hours to 8.5 hours per week and an even bigger expansion of the number of anime series, due largely to the ending of the practice of repeating the first 3 hours Adult Swim programming during the second late night 3 hour shift.  Of course there is no telling how long Adult Swim will stick with this current schedule of anime programs.

so, We get our shin. happy?
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XD [02 Nov 2008|04:22am]


this is funny...NOT because it is politics..but because it's shin!
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Oh where Oh where has my Shinousuke gone! [26 Oct 2008|12:44pm]

i haven't been up to date on adult swim lately...so fill me in..is shin removed from the website now? or did they take it off the site and put it back on the air? i need moar shin
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ASS-DANCE CONTEST [03 Oct 2008|12:52am]

So, don't know if you guys have noticed but new Shin is only online now. Boo! Nobody really knows why, but I don't like it. :(

Anyways, good news. If you feel like doing a clothed ass-dance for the Shin writers, you might win an iPod, Shin Dvds, and other Shin merchandise.

Information is here!

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dvd [11 Sep 2008|03:09pm]

according to myspace..new dvd comes out tuesday...yay box set...but feel free to correct me if i am wrong
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Merch [13 Jul 2008|07:21pm]

the only thing i came across was an official "smell my funky monkey ass" t-shirt. not work appropriate. What i am REALLY looking for is a messenger bag. 

Know any sites that sell shin merch? i want a messenger bag...maybe a t-shirt...plushies would be nice...

Shin merchandise plzxkthnx :D
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who hasn't seen it [03 Jul 2008|07:31pm]


In case anyone HASN'T seen. it made me lol a bit.
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ohmygosh [01 Jul 2008|12:41pm]

my dad and brother just got back from korea and bought me thisCollapse )
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The manga!!! [23 Jun 2008|06:06pm]

i bought volume 1. let me say, LOVE! why? they kept the names indigenous...no more gorgie or penny...orignial Kaszama and Nene....nothing too big but...yeah e_e;;; probably not something worth a blog for...

but it is shin! and the manga is <3. i reccomend buying it, granted...the anime is ROFLROFLROFL while the manga is ROFL...

i wonder which volume hima comes in at...she isn't born yet...

so it maks me wonder...what season are WE watching?? it obviously aint seeason 1 despite funimation marketing it as such
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Whitey [20 May 2008|06:52pm]


this is shin chan related so :p

I just bought a 2008 white hundai elantra. My first car ever..meaning..under MY name, MY money, MY monthly payments!

and i am thinking of being a dork and naming it...and what crossed my mind was:

Whitey!!!! should i name my car whitey?? Look up 2008 Hundai Elantra (white) an lemme know. I was thinking of the shin voice laura said..and the whitey plush i got..and was all "OMG I SHOULD NAME MY CAR WHITEY OR SHIRO!"

whitey...or shiro? hmm...what other name suggestions can you think of?

Also, check out laura bailey and her hotness in my last post.  

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Honor and a peeeeeeeeeenis!!! [19 May 2008|11:33pm]

I was at Acen this past weekend, and Caitlin Glass and laura Bailey were both there. How awesome. Now, i wish to post some of the shin things that happened and were purchased at acen.

lets start off with some shin-isms before an image cut. I got to see laura bailey which was AWESOME. I went to her Q&A session, and some guy asked:

"Hey Lara. What does it take to be a man??"

and she paused for a minute and got into voice

"Well, you know...to be a man you must have honor and a penis!" that was WIN. i wish i had recorded that on my camera.

Then, i went to the signing. I got Greg Ayers, Aaron Dimusuke..and..the epic win LARA BAILEY!  as she signed my shit, i go "YO!" in pure shin voice and she responds back in pure shin voice some quote or comment i cannot remember what it is now and grrr. IT WAS WIN...CUZ I GOT TO HEAR SHIN! shin was win. win was shin.

Well, epic win all that was. comment to let me know what you think

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hi everyone [16 May 2008|09:55am]

so i'm having a dilema, i'm trying to find any ONE of the original shin chan dubbed episode in it's japanese language. I'm writing a paper for my film class, and i thought i would write about my childhood obsession with shin chan, and how it became adult oriented when the material crossed over to America.

i spent like 5 hours on youtube yesterday and couldn't find any of the originals. Does anyone know if the shin chan season one dvd has the original? Or does anyone know where i can find the original? =[

i want to do a light comparison of the english/japanese version before i get into analysis, but i can't start anything yet =[!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Season 1 DVD [13 May 2008|04:06pm]

Don't forget that the DVD comes out tomorrow. Be sure to pick up a copy if you haven't already pre-ordered it!
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The new episode [20 Apr 2008|02:25am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

i wish to make commentary on the last segment with the bastard shaft...

it was WIN....why? I saw this episodde months ago on youtube whren they still had the japanese subtitle segments...i remember when it was still "ACTION BEAM!! BURUBURU!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

though,. i am dissapointed, they took out a segment...there is like...10 seconnds or something you don't see....there is also a segment you do not see where shin slams the massager on hiro's back and hiro is all "OW! not like that!!! like THIS!" and shin is all "OOO! OK LET ME TRY!"Hiro says something like "use the massager on my back! it'll be fun!!" so shin is all "wow! OK!" and then seconds later " -_- "

there is also a segment where Hiroyoshi places the massager on shins head...we don't see that....he places the massager on shins head and shin enjoys it...

i am mad they took out segments...and wondering WHY they did that!!! THOSE MISSING SEGMENTS WERE HILARIOUS! they could have kept the segments and just deleterd 2 commercials! ARGH!

the episode was still funny though

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