Mrs. Vance (goddessastra) wrote in shinchanfans,
Mrs. Vance

Honor and a peeeeeeeeeenis!!!

I was at Acen this past weekend, and Caitlin Glass and laura Bailey were both there. How awesome. Now, i wish to post some of the shin things that happened and were purchased at acen.

lets start off with some shin-isms before an image cut. I got to see laura bailey which was AWESOME. I went to her Q&A session, and some guy asked:

"Hey Lara. What does it take to be a man??"

and she paused for a minute and got into voice

"Well, you be a man you must have honor and a penis!" that was WIN. i wish i had recorded that on my camera.

Then, i went to the signing. I got Greg Ayers, Aaron Dimusuke..and..the epic win LARA BAILEY!  as she signed my shit, i go "YO!" in pure shin voice and she responds back in pure shin voice some quote or comment i cannot remember what it is now and grrr. IT WAS WIN...CUZ I GOT TO HEAR SHIN! shin was win. win was shin.

there it all is, en masse

it was win! She did the voice nd everything! Now that i look at the autograph...i remember she also said "honor and a penis" as she signed it!!!

So, as i walk up to the booth/table...i look at catlin...who says right away "Oh! wow! my first shin-chan DVD! i haven't even seen this yet!"
"Well, yeah...Everyone is all about FMA and Winry, and quite frankly, winry sucks. sure she puts up with ED, but that doesn't take much, he's away from her most of the time. Now Miss Anderson. She gets kudos. SHE has to put up with shin and THATS sayin somethin!!!!!"

She laughed...said "You are so right!!", opened the dvd box set to see it and take a look at it, and hence she wrote "Kudos or Anderson"  safety, i then made her sign the other side, because i have known permanent marker to fade away on plastic...

i wanted to say something about doyle but refrained....

Does Whitey smell hotdogs??? :D

It's sorta like Shin Doing Action Bastard!  BECAUSE WE LOVE SHIN!!!!!!!! anal red ranger sex!!!

This was also free at the funimation booth, aside from the speech balloons.

and this is the inside. sorry for the crap. the flash made it 10x worse.

This is the back of the balloon. :D


There is Caitlin Glass

And there is me (cosplaying as Mytho) with LAura Bailey. squeeeeeeee! she is awesome

This was cool, the sign made it FTW, but last years shin was 10x more awesome. kudos to this man though.

Well, epic win all that was. comment to let me know what you think

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