Mrs. Vance (goddessastra) wrote in shinchanfans,
Mrs. Vance


this is shin chan related so :p

I just bought a 2008 white hundai elantra. My first car ever..meaning..under MY name, MY money, MY monthly payments!

and i am thinking of being a dork and naming it...and what crossed my mind was:

Whitey!!!! should i name my car whitey?? Look up 2008 Hundai Elantra (white) an lemme know. I was thinking of the shin voice laura said..and the whitey plush i got..and was all "OMG I SHOULD NAME MY CAR WHITEY OR SHIRO!"

whitey...or shiro? hmm...what other name suggestions can you think of?

Also, check out laura bailey and her hotness in my last post.  

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